Plan Your Visit to Central Arkansas LASIK

Congratulations on taking the first step toward visual freedom! Now, let’s navigate the upcoming steps to ensure a smooth and successful LASIK surgery day.

On Surgery Day

Here’s what you can expect on your LASIK surgery day and the aftercare that follows:

Wear Comfortable Attire

On the day of surgery, we recommend wearing comfortable and warm clothing. Our laser suites tend to be cool, and we want you to feel relaxed during the procedure.

Pre-Surgery Medication

Prior to surgery, you’ll be prescribed medication to help you relax. It’s a step towards ensuring a calm and stress-free experience on your LASIK surgery day.

Forms for Your Visit

Patient Registration Form

Prior to your visit, please complete the Central Arkansas LASIK Patient Registration form. This ensures a streamlined check-in process on the day of your surgery.

HIPAA Authorization Form

Protecting your privacy is paramount. Complete the HIPAA Authorization form to ensure that your medical information is handled securely and in compliance with privacy regulations.

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